The MLAB is an organization that stresses the importance of baseball and softball development. The academy's main priority is to teach the core fundamentals of the game that are taught at the professional level. Whether a player is at the professional level or the lowest level in the youngest age group, the fundamentals of the game do not change.

MLABS has a long-term vision with a realistic perspective when it comes to baseball and softball. While winning is important, the focus has to remain on playing the game the right way. When the goal for youth sports is to win at all costs, many kids walk away learning very little and being exhausted from the pressure to constantly perform to keep their positions or spot in the batting order. MLABS will focus on teaching the game and helping the players progress with the fundamentals of the game. With this, winning will take care of itself.

The game of baseball and softball is a wonderful game! When played correctly, it can teach the importance of competition while building character that can last a lifetime.